About the Company

Management principles

Corporate Philosophy

Honjo Chemical constantly challenging technological innovation and product development to meet the needs of our customers in various fields which will contribute to people’s lives.

Management Practice

  1. Employees will perform duties in compliance with all legal regulations and social ethics.
  2. Top priority is customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services.
  3. Always challenge to be creative toward technological innovation.
  4. Increase diversity and effectively utilize the skills and talents in the workplace.
  5. Ensure a safe, hygienic, and friendly work environment for employees and contribute to the growth of the local community.

Greetings from the Chairwoman

Honjo Chemical Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on March 26, 2022.
Founded in 1922 as Honjo Zinc Industry Company in Fukushima, Osaka, the company manufactured and sold a wide range of chemical raw materials from inorganic compounds such as zinc dust, zinc oxide, lithium metal, and lithium salts to organic compounds such as organotin and bromine compounds, taurine and others. We were one of the few companies to work with the lithium batteries used in mobile phones and EV vehicles in that era and the usage continue to gain attention in today’s technology and we are highly regarded as a manufacturer of lithium materials in the chemical industry.

Our company exists today thanks to the unceasing and ingenuity efforts our predecessors have contributed over the past century. Corporate compliance, innovation, sustainability, etc., are widely touted today, but these management practices were in place under different business jargons for some time in Japan. Honjo Chemical Corporation, together with our employees, appreciate the footmarks our predecessors have proved through the “learnings from the past” and are dedicated to challenge new opportunities as we strive for the next 100 years, the future we yet to see.

Nahoko Honjo
Representative Director and Chairwoman

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