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  • As the first company to manufacture and sell metallic lithium in Japan, we have served in variety of fields as a leading lithium company.
  • Lithium products have wide range of applications from everyday batteries to cutting-edge scientific alloys for aircrafts etc., and there are no other materials of its kind in terms of vast applications in use.
  • For more information on product planning and small samples for research purpose, please contact us.

Lithium carbonate: fine powder, ultra fine powder, 3N, 4N

Lithium carbonate 4N

Application: Glass, chemical, battery, etc.
Grade: 99% (industrial grade) to 99.99% (4N)
Particle size: Several microns to tens of microns

Lithium hydroxide: monohydrate, anhydrous, aqueous solution, crushed

Lithium hydroxide

Application: Dyes, greases, batteries, carbon dioxide absorbents, etc.
Grade: 55% (monohydrate) to 98%
Particle size: Several micrometers to several millimeters

Lithium metal

Lithium metal ingot

Application: Organic reactions, alloys, battery anode materials, etc. (check battery materials page)
Grade: Over 99.8%
Shape: Ingot (lump), rod (bar), shot (grain), etc.

  • Please contact us for other shapes of interest.

Lithium bromide: water solution, anhydrous / lithium chloride: water solution, anhydrous

Lithium bromide water solution

Application: Absorption liquid for absorption refrigerators (LiBr water solution)
Dehumidifying liquid for dehumidifiers (LiCl water solution) Battery materials (LiBr, LiCl anhydrous salt)

  • We are the largest supplier of lithium bromide water solution in Japan.
  • We are fully equipped to handle mass production system for anhydrous salt in response to the growing demand for anhydrous salt used in battery-related applications.

Lithium silicate / Lithium nitrite solution / Lithium nitrate / Lithium nitrate solution / Others

Lithium silicate

Application: Anti-neutralizing agent and re-alkalization agent for concrete

  • We offer a range of products of anti-neutralizing agents and re-alkalization agents to support and solve the problem of neutralization of concrete.
  • These products can be either used in the surface treatment method to prevent neutralization and/or the impregnation method to promote re-alkalization.
Lithium chloride solution
Lithium nitrate solution
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