Core Technologies

Since the inception of the company a century ago, Honjo Chemical was the first manufacturer of zinc dust in Japan and was successful expanding its business by manufacturing various lithium salts, development of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and organic synthesis using organic lithium compounds adapting to the economic demand of that time.
With the technological achievements in our business, we continue to commit to challenge new technological improvements for our future and, above all, to contribute to people’s happiness.

Organic Chemistry

The company has extensive experience in experiments with ultra-low temperature reacting equipment (-80℃), metallic lithium, and organolithium in the field of organic chemistry.

We offer a wide range of contract synthesis service including the synthesis of a bromine compound technology established as a result of tireless efforts to succeed over the years. In addition, we are capable to assess form laboratory-scale prototype to actual scale-up production system and to develop a synthetic pathway as well.

Inorganic Chemistry

The company is proud of the developments it had achieved in the field of inorganic chemistry such as lithium salt anhydrides and nano-zinc (ultra-fine particle zinc oxide) by applying the manufacturing technologies used for zinc dust and lithium salts accumulated since its foundation.

Recently, the development of nanomaterials such as fullerenes and carbon nanotubes has led us to challenge manufacturing of a wide variety of products.

Battery Technology

Customers will benefit our battery expertise by having our experts to develop and propose materials that meet their requirements starting from composition of cathode material precursors, development of particle size control technology, and to evaluation of cathode material performance.

We are also working on the development of solid electrolyte materials by utilizing our accumulated know-how in handling lithium salts.

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