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Battery materials

Lithium battery anode materials

Lithium foils/Lithium aluminum alloy foils

  • Lithium foils are mainly used as the anode of lithium primary batteries such as button batteries, etc.
  • Lithium foils are adapted into lithium-ion secondary batteries and lithium-ion capacitors subject to each contractual manufacturing as requested by our customers in the recent years.
  • Please contact us for possibilities in other shapes.
Rod ・Sheet ・Coin
Product TypeProduct Overview
Lithium FoilApplication : Anode of lithium primary battery, etc.
Thickness : 0.1 mm to 4.0 mm
Width : 8.0mm~50mm
Rolled Lithium FoilThickness : 0.02mm to 0.10mm
Width : Upon request
Far thinner ultra-thin products are under development.
Lithium RopeApplication: Lithium primary battery anode, organic reactions, alloys
Diameter: 1.0 mm or more
Custom-made shapesShapes/forms other than rods and coins are possible using necessary tools and equipments.

Cathode materials for lithium-ion secondary batteries

  • Various cathode materials for high-density, high-capacity and high-stability applications have been developed with our cutting-edge know-how/technologies accumulated over the years.
  • Contract research activities with cathode material for lithium-ion battery is optional in addition to the wide-range of developed products available.
NMC-based cathode materials
Lithium titanium oxide

These developed products are also available.

  • Lithium cobalt oxide
  • Lithium nickel oxide
  • NMC-based lithium composite oxide
  • NCA-based lithium composite oxide
  • Lithium titanium oxide

We have joint research and contract research collaboration utilizing our exclusive technology.

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