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Taurine is a type of sulfur-containing amino acid-like compound that is a pharmaceutical-grade substance used in products such as in health drinks, eye drops, and pet foods. We conduct thorough quality control in consistent with GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, and manufacture and sell synthetic taurine in Japan that meets the Japanese Pharmacopoeia standards. In addition, we have obtained kosher and halal food certifications.


DescriptionWhite crystal
Identification testPositive
Clarity & coloration of solutionColorless and transparent
Chloride≦0.011 %
Sulfate≦0.010 %
Ammonium≦0.02 %
Heavy metals≦10 ppm
Iron≦10 ppm
Related substancesPass
Loss on drying≦0.20 % (1g, 105℃, 2 hrs.)
Residue on ignition≦0.10 % (1g)
Assay99.0 – 101.0%
Taurine (20kg)
Taurine Powder
Taurine Plant
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