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Fullerenes/Carbon Nanotubes

  • The company has established a high-volume, low-cost production method for fullerenes and carbon nanotubes using arc discharge method and continues to challenge to work on its practical application and commercialization.
Fullerene sootBlack powder Soot includes fullerenes (7% or more)
Mixed fullerene black powder Contains C60, C70 and a small amount of high order fullerenes
( C60 = 70-80 % , C70 = 20-30 % )
Water-soluble fullereneWater-soluble fullerene by modification with PEG, PVP, etc.
Fullerenolbrown powder contains 10-12 OH groups
Hydrogenated Sulfate FullerenolBlackish brown powder containing 10-12 OSO3 groups
Single-walled nanotubesBlack powder as produced
Double-walled nanotubesBlack powder as produced
Multi-walled nanotubesBlack powder Crushed (sieve less than 75 μm)
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