Manufacturing Products

Contract organic synthesis

  • We offer a wide range of contract manufacturing services for pharmaceutical, electronic, and other intermediates, centered on the ultra-low temperature reacting facility installed within the Naoshima Organic Chemical Plant.

Ultra-low temperature reaction (-80℃)

There are reactor made of glass lining (GL) and stainless steel (SUS316) that can handle temperatures as low as -80℃, and each reactor can be set to an infinitely variable temperature.

Reaction made by using various organometallic compounds such as butyllithium, etc.

We have a wealth of experience in reactions using n-butyl lithium, s-butyl lithium, LDA (lithium diisopropylamide), LHMDS (lithium hexamethyldisilazide), etc. Reaction control (increasing selectivity) is possible since coupling agents can be cooled in advance at ultra-low temperatures. In addition, it is possible to perform water-inhibition reactions using metallic lithium, LiAlH4, NaBH4, NaH, etc. Other specialty products are also available.

Quality Control

The company handles contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical and other intermediates in compliance with GMP quality control system.

Main Facility

Ultra-low temperature reacting facility


CapacityMaterial DesignTemperature
500LGL-80 to 120℃
1200LGL-80 to 120℃
2000LGL-20 to 120℃
3000LGL-80 to 120℃
3000LSUS316-80 to 120℃
4000LGL-20 to 120℃
5000LGL-80 to 120℃

Other equipment includes centrifuges, pressure filtration equipment, and vibratory decompression dryers.

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